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Looking for machinery and equipment suppliers for agri-food industry

Sell your products in Russia

Avangard Techservice is a small family enterprise that provides construction services to agricultural and food producers in Russia. We are involved in many activities including building of new facilities, purchase, installation and commissioning of machinery and equipment, as well as outsourcing of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO).

Among our clients are farmers, small grain elevators, grain warehouses, feed-processing plant, oil mills, canning factories, confectionery plants, bakeries and other types of food and feed processing companies situated in the Central Regions of Russia. Very often our clients ask us for information on related equipment and machinery. That is why now we are looking to establish contacts with manufactures and suppliers to sell their products in the Russian market.

We are particularly interested in storage bins, dryers, bin ladders, grain bucket elevators, grain conveyors and grain cleaning equipment. Other types of agricultural and food products are also welcome.

We would also like to establish contacts with an overseas construction company that operates in the agricultural market in order to become its local representative here in Russia.

Russia's agricultural market is vast and growing and you may find it attractive to sell your products there through a local dealer. If your company seeks to market its products in Russia or to expand its activities into Russia, please contact us via

We look forward to hearing from you.

Строительство каркасного склада в Тамбовском районе Тамбовской области

Проекты, реализованные с участием ООО «Авангард Техсервис» в Тамбовской области. Строительство каркасного склада в Тамбовском районе Тамбовской области.

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